It's only as good as you make it.

Jaicee: dutifully diaphanous and incredibly incorrigible

There’s not enough time to eat all the food I want😩 #thestruggle #happalife  (at ふじみ野)
Me and mom ate at a teeny tiny oyster place tonight. Japanese oysters are sooo much tastier than american ones!! #aliceinwonderlandtypeshit (at 牡蠣&創作dining SHIKI-四喜)
chu (kiss) 🐵💋 #happalife  (at 小江戸川越   時の鐘)
yooo I got a cute ass skirt thing #happalife  (at 小江戸川越   時の鐘)
Went gambling today. Pachinko is super confusing #happalife
Anonymous asked:
someone "sparks something" with you every three months

Eh; you’re a scared ass lil kid that ain’t worth shit. You don’t care about why/how I handle things; you just wanna bring me down. You need to step the fuck back bitch you care waaay too much about my life.

Not getting carded buying drinks (and icecream) is pretty cool #happalife  (at Kami-Fukuoka)
dat train lyf3~ #deathbeforedecaf (at Kappa Bashi)
Anonymous asked:
Your boyfriend looks like a gay squirrel. Suck my butt.

Hahaha good thing he’s mine and not yours! I suggest you unfollow me cause you’re only gonna see more and more of him😂

Distance is so tough.. But if anyone can do it, it’s us. I thought I was no longer capable of passion but wow this guy sparked something inside me that won’t be put out. Whatever choices I make are in the hopes that we’ll be together soon. And for good. I love you, Nate. More than I thought was ever possible.
@natethegreatpate see that bag? That’s a magic bag full of stuff that will make you think of me #missinyou #happalife  (at 浅草寺 雷門 (Kaminarimon Gate))
They see me rollin; they hatin~
Hella Asian #happalife
This is my and my lil cousin Mitsuki #happalife #cuteasheck
psa: don’t punch yourself